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It’s time for lawyers to get involved in social media law firms to start conversations that will attract new clients. However, what is the right course of action to determine the appropriate venues for launching a social media campaign for your law firm? The general rule of thumb with any social media conversation from law firms is to hold conversations within your area of expertise, thought-provoking, interesting and ethical, and follow the rules governing the conduct of lawyers.Visit us for great deals in Abmahnung Waldorf Frommer.

The venue you choose for the social media law firm should be in an area in which your ideal prospects are comfortable and interested in venturing into. It is not prudent or pragmatic to go “all in” straight away on multiple venues. When undertaking a social media program for a law firm, lawyers are advised to choose their social conversation platforms based on what the existing, most desirable clients tell them about their firm. Just ask a few of your best customers, “Do you read any blogs, or have you ever been involved in any online discussions?” should help you prioritize your social initiatives. If this informal polling results in a resounding “No,” the follow-up questions to ask are: “Would you be willing to join in on a brief online discussion (5 minutes, once a month) with us about xyz?”; “What topics most interest you?”; and “Why?” The answers to these questions tell you what makes a hot topic for this desirable audience, and areas they would be most willing to follow or converse about. With this information, create a plan and set the framework from which the social media initiative of your targeted law firm may begin.

To be effective with the law firm’s social program, you will address it with an awareness that social media, such as a forum, are meant to facilitate conversation. Being strategic about your social initiative means you commit to a conversation that will further demonstrate your legal expertise, while also encouraging discussion with subscribers. The important first step is to make the commitment.

Another consideration is the need to establish core topics when launching a social media campaign for a law firm. Build a set of key subjects that interest you, preferably linking the hot-topic desires of your clients to your knowledge field of work.

For conversation-based social initiatives from law firms, attorneys should develop 250-word blog posts around hot topics, creating a thread for discussion with their subscriber community. Request your readers for their comments and opinions or ask them to answer a question to generate posts that encourage discussion.

A key element for a successful law firm social media program is the need to create and follow a schedule for your social initiative. Be prompt and consistent in your Online Communication engagement. Those who follow you will feel better about your contribution to the subject and involvement in the dialogue.

Grow up with who and what you do, first. Give a single brief email to those who have contributed to the development of your key issues before you reveal the social media law firm program to your client base. Thanks them personally, and express your interest in participating in the conversation. Ask them to weigh in, provide feedback and share experiences on a subject.

Promote the social media campaign of your law firm against your whole client base. In all electronic communication with clients, whatever initiative you choose, should be added to your signature line. You’ve seen Twitter posts like “Follow Me.” Consider creating your own unique tagline such as “Your voice counts. Enter your friends in the current conversation at (blog address or forum icon here).” Upload your website update, connect it to a eNewsletter, and post a connection to the blog or social site in all consumer email messages.

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